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Which Baby Class is Right for You?

Becoming a first time parent is exciting but can also be very overwhelming.

Parents-to-be are constantly thinking, “Am I going to be a good parent” or “will I know how to handle having a newborn?” Anxiety is normal when you’re starting a new chapter of your life and taking on a lot of new responsibilities. Knowing what to expect when you’re expecting could help ease some of the emotions you and your partner might experience.

Baby Classes

Types of Childbirth Classes

Childbirth education can be very beneficial for new parents. This is where you can learn the in’s and out’s of what to expect, when to panic, and when to keep it cool. While many people are familiar with Lamaze, there are actually several different childbirth classes offered to expecting parents.

Here are the four most common classes:

One of the most popular childbirth classes is Lamaze, which normally consists of at least 12 hours of classes with a trained instructor. During these 12 hours you and your partner will learn breathing techniques, breastfeeding tips, how to support your partner during labor and much more.

Pain and discomfort can become a huge nuisance during pregnancy. The Alexander method teaches you movement techniques to ease muscle pains and tension. If you choose to go this route with your childbirth education, you’ll want to make this decision early in your pregnancy; the sooner you start the better. You will learn several techniques that are focused around good posture, proper breathing and balance coordination.

The Bradley method of childbirth is focused around a completely natural birth; meaning no medications. These types of childbirth classes are a little more intense than your traditional Lamaze class. The course typically spans over 12 weeks, starting when you hit the fifth month mark of your pregnancy. In these types of childbirth classes you will learn about self-awareness, natural relaxation methods, and more.

During pregnancy some women are full of fears causing a lot of stress and anxiety for you and your baby. When that is the case, Hypnobirthing might be a fit for you. Throughout these classes you will work with a professional hypnotherapist to help guide your thoughts away from any harmful fears.

Pre-Childbirth Classes

Baby ClassYou can never have too much childbirth education, especially when it’s your first newborn. Childbirth classes can be overwhelming and a bit intense for some couples. That’s why it’s important to consider the class before the classes, helping you to prepare for what lies ahead.

At Little Silver Pediatrics & Family Medicine, we are pleased to offer free Baby Classes to help pregnant moms prepare for their baby’s arrival. In these classes we will address your questions about healthy pregnancy, childbirth, your baby’s care during the first weeks and more.

If you have a question after reading and live in the area, call us and schedule an appointment with one of our Board-Certified pediatrics or family practice doctors to learn more about childbirth classes during pregnancy. We will gladly assist you.

Now you know about the different types of childbirth classes, pass it on!