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Sidewalk Etiquette

Sidewalk etiquette - 6 feet apart

I tend to look for the good in everything I see. I cannot help it, I am a chronic optimist. I witnessed the humanity on full display the other day while I was leaving home for work. 

I was waiting in my driveway for the traffic to clear so I could get on to the road. During those few minutes, I saw a couple step-off the sidewalk for a dad towing his baby in a wagon.  When they came abreast, they stopped to smile and wave at the baby. I saw two women jogging together and keeping up a conversation. I also saw someone walking their dog, stop on the sidewalk to pet another dog.  I was a witness to the best display on earth – the humanity in all of us, the kindness.

Usually, kindness is what we need.  But, these are not usual times. We need to inform our kindness with science.

  • Should you stop and smile at that cute baby? Is it safe for the baby?
  • Should you pet the neighbor’s friendly dog?
  • Is stepping aside enough or should you cross the road?
  • Is 6 feet of physical distancing enough?

COVID-19 spreads mostly from contact with a person who is infected, whether they have symptoms or appear healthy.  So, what’s a safe distance?

6 feet or more can greatly reduce the possibility of transmission

For more information check out the NY Times 3-D simulation. It shows why social distancing is so important. Click here to view.  

No precaution is excessive when protecting yourself and your family from COVID-19.

Be Calm. Be Human.