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COVID-19 Safety Procedures

COVID-19 Safety Procedures

With the safety of our entire community in mind, Little Silver Medicine has taken numerous steps, escalating by the day, to protect our patients and our colleagues from COVID-19.

These simple but effective steps include:

March 2020 | 2nd week – COVID-19 Protection Steps & Cancellation of all Elective Visits

  • Cancelled all elective visits
  • Eliminated our waiting area & having patients wait in their cars in the parking lot until the room is available
  • COVID-19 screening tool used for all patient visits
  • Monitoring patients at home and limiting office visits to assess whether a patient needs a higher level of care at the hospital.
  • Touch-free trip from car to the office and back. Asking patients to not touch (without a tissue) the front door and any surface on the way to our office, walk straight through the open door to the exam room, where they are cared for with full precautions.
  • The exam room and office entrance, including door-knobs, are scrubbed and disinfected with each patient visit.

March 2020 | 3rd week – Telemedicine introduced

  • Telemedicine visits introduced to our patients

March 2020 | 4th week – Preparation for re-opening office for infants/toddlers

  • In preparation for re-opening our office for infant & toddler immunizations and wellness visits, COVID-19 testing offered to staff members. Only staff members who test COVID-free will be caring for your child.

April 2020 | 1st week – Re-opening office for infant and toddler immunization and wellness visits

  • We request only one parent be present for the child’s wellness visits. We request that you wear a mask during your visit to our office. If you have tested positive COVID-19 or have been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive, kindly inform our office staff before the visit.

May 2020 | 2nd week – FDA approved COVID testing for pregnant moms

For your baby’s safety we are offering FDA approved COVID testing for pregnant moms 3 weeks before their due date & upon discharge from hospital.

June 2020 | 3rd week – Reopening for wellness visits for all children under 18

We are now accepting appointments for physicals and other wellness visits for all children under 18. We request only one parent be present for the appointment. Please follow our safety protocols, including wearing a mask during your visit and call upon arrival to our parking lot.

We will continue to update you on any additional changes we make.