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The Safety and Effects of Medication During Pregnancy

With the seasons beginning to change, there may come a day in the upcoming weeks where you start to feel a little sluggish. You’ll open your medicine cabinet and take a look around. As you begin to wonder, you ask yourself “Are these safe medications to take during pregnancy?”

While there are lists that express safe over-the-counter medicines to use during pregnancy, there isn’t enough known about the risks that could come into play while you’re pregnant. When you find out that you have become pregnant it is important to first consult with your physician about what is safe for you, your body and your baby.

Effects of Medication During Pregnancy

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we know little about the effects of taking most medications during pregnancy because pregnant women are typically not included in studies to determine the safety of new medications before they come onto the market.

Medication During Pregnancy

In general, an expecting mother should avoid any medications especially during the early stages of pregnancy. Your child is growing and developing expeditiously. Your days don’t need to be a struggle, though. Whether it is pain, digestive discomfort or allergies during pregnancy, your doctor can direct you into the right direction for relief.

After consulting with your doctor it is important to educate yourself and pay attention to the FDA Pregnancy Categories of medications. For example, if you feel you’re experiencing allergies, Rhinocort Aqua is the only category B nasal spray safe for pregnant women.

Alternatives to Medication During Pregnancy

If you find that you can’t take medication during your pregnancy, there are other natural alternatives that you could consider. For instance, making sure you have a healthy diet during pregnancy could help keep your immune system strong during the cold months. Consuming fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C during your pregnancy could further boost your immune system to help prevent and defeat any sickness you might encounter.

If you are pregnant, we encourage you to speak with your obstetrician or family doctor.

If you live in the area, call us and schedule an appointment with our Board-Certified pediatrics or family practice doctors to learn more about taking medication during pregnancy to protect you and your baby. We will gladly assist you.

Now you know about the safety of medicines during pregnancy, pass it on!