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Should you get a Covid booster

Covid Booster It's Your Choice

… Or wait for the reconfigured vaccine?

Last week, I started getting the question, should I wait for the booster? I hear the new vaccines will be available soon – and they are more effective against Omicron. So here are my thoughts.

Science can only partially help with this decision. Covid-19 science has been a fast-moving target.  But our experiences from other walks of life may be more informative and helpful.

COVID-19 variants such as Delta, Omicron, and others waiting in the wings, are like a 160 mile/hour curve ball or more aptly like a hurricane or tornado headed our way.

 If we are in the path of a tornado or hurricane, should we wait until we are 100% certain before we take any action. We could wait to hear the weather-lady’s advice or rely on information from our twitter faves. Or we could head over to Lowe’s to get supplies to reinforce our home with storm shutters and get some protection. Should we wait for more information or better storm shutters to protect us and those we love? 

 And, in there lays the answer to the question about getting a booster. It’s our choice. Please protect yourself and those you care about.  

From all of us at Little Silver Pediatrics and Family Medicine, enjoy the Holidays and have a Happy, Healthy 2022!