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Please don’t panic. Here is what to do.

Corona Virus What to Do

I recognize that there is a lot of fear and anxiety right now. So, let me share with you what I share with my patients on a daily basis.

Were you DIRECTLY exposed to someone who TESTED POSITIVE for COVID-19?

If you have been directly exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please call us. We will coordinate with the infection control department at one of the local hospitals to get you appropriate care.

For all of us who were not directly exposed, please read the following.

Not everyone with a fever and chills has the corona virus.

You may have strep, flu or just a plain old fashioned cold. There is a lot of information from local and federal agencies on what to do help keep you and your family safe. Follow those recommendations. Social isolation and hygiene will save us from the corona virus.

Tests are not going to be our saviors!

Don’t fixate on the testing. Corona virus testing is not fully available outside a hospital setting and results can take 3-4 days. What if you were to get your hands on one?

Donate it to the hospitals who are running out of the tests for people who need it.

But, let’s play this out. One, the test says you are healthy! Are you going to be that motivated to take the precautions to protect our families and neighbors? Two, the test says you have Corona virus. Is that the end of you? Should you rush to the hospital?

In either case, if your primary care physician determines that your lungs are healthy and oxygen level is good, guess what happens? He/she gives you a prescription for “Quarantine Yourself” from your family and friends. If your primary care physician determines your lungs are not in good health or you are at risk, he/she can cut through the red tape and get you hospital care in a timely fashion.

What should I do?

Social isolation and hygiene will save us from the corona virus. Whether at home or work, wash your hands, cover your coughs and sneezes and wipe down surfaces frequently. To protect yourself, your family and others, your first and best option is to quarantine yourself. No discretionary movement out of the house for the next two weeks.

Secondly, if you are not feeling well, CALL your primary physician. They may have you monitor symptoms for another 24 hours and check back with them. Or, they may have you come in to their office to test for other causes of fever and chills such as flu, strep and RSV. Let’s not rush off to the emergency room or hospital unless your primary care physician tells you to go.

Should I worry?

Stay calm. Most people will have mild symptoms that can be managed with home rest and isolation. BUT, if you are not feeling well, experiencing fever, cough or shortness of breath, or are simply concerned – CALL your primary care physician.

Most of them have plans in place to safely care for their patients through this pandemic. They can examine and evaluate your condition, check your breathing and make sure your lungs are clear. It can also put your mind at ease.

Based on the examination and monitoring of symptoms, he/she can get you into higher level care if needed. Most people will have mild symptoms that can be handled with rest at home. We don’t want to clog resources needed by others who are experiencing more severe symptoms.

We Are Here to Help

Together we can get through this. Remain calm. If you have questions please call our office. We are here to help.