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4 of the Best Pregnancy Apps for Mothers-to-Be

Twenty years ago there was no such thing as “Google-ing it”. If you needed information, you turned to a book, a friend, family member or your doctor.

With over 1 million apps in the Apple App Store, we can all be using this to our advantage. Whether you’re downloading an app for information or to see the different stages of your baby’s growth, there is an endless amount of pregnancy apps out there that are great for mothers-to-be.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best pregnancy apps for moms-to-be to consider using:

  Apps for Mothers-To-Be1. My Pregnancy Today

This is an app available on iPhone and Android devices. It’s the app that helps you learn what to expect when you’re expecting. My Pregnancy Today tracks your pregnancy day by day, lets you see how your baby is growing and developing, and allows you to create a checklist so you can set reminders for important appointments and events.

This pregnancy app offers a “Birth Club”, which acts as a forum with advice for first-time parents, as well as people sharing stories and knowledge of parenting. You can search topics about pregnancy that you’re unsure about and always leave advice that you might have for other expecting mothers.

This app has received 4.5 stars and some really great reviews.

2. 50,000 Baby Names

This could be an endless debate between you and your significant other – baby names. This free app for iPhone offers search and filter options, name meaning and origin, and name popularity. There is even a new random name button. This might not be the way you make your final decision, but it’s definitely great for inspiration.

Pregnancy Apps3. I’m Expecting

This 5-star pregnancy app is available on iPhone and Android devices. It promises to make your transition to motherhood a bit smoother. There are dozens of helpful features that allow you to connect with others, create a virtual scrap book, look up symptoms and so much more.

4. Kindara Fertility

Maybe you’re not yet pregnant but are planning to try. This Kindara Fertility pregnancy app was among the 12 Best Pregnancy Apps from ABC news. The app is very detailed with charts that break down your cycle and help you determine when you’re ovulating.

These are just four apps of the many pregnancy apps for moms-to be to have helpful information right in the palm of their hand. Like we said, there are over 1 million apps on the App Store, so start exploring!

If you are pregnant, we encourage you to speak with your obstetrician or family doctor.

If you live in the area, call us and schedule an appointment with our Board-Certified pediatrics or family practice doctors to learn more about what to expect when you’re expecting. We will gladly assist you.

Now that you know about some helpful pregnancy apps, pass it on!